Bad Air Warnings in London And Paris Peak With Fish And Chips

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It’s no surprise the London Underground is polluted, but outside the Parisian Louvre museum? You’d be forgiven for thinking the adjacent Andre Le Notre-designed Tuileries gardens would’ve made the air more breathable. A device by startup Plume Labs kills that assumption. The 4-inch tall gadget — named Flow — sends real-time air quality readings to a smartphone [...]

Germs of Genius—a Masterpiece’s “Microbiome” Can Spell Its Demise

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But microbes living on canvases may also help preserve irreplaceable works of art By Richard Conniff on December 6, 2018 People have worried about the effects of fungi and other microorganisms on cultural objects almost as long as there have been cultural objects to worry about. In fact, the entire science of microbiology began with a fungus damaging [...]

Where there’s smoke, there’s respiratory risk

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Millions of Canadians will enjoy the ambience and warmth of a wood-burning stove or fireplace this winter, but experts say that both doctors and the public should be more aware of the associated potential health hazard. Tiny particulates, produced from combusting wood are dangerous, especially for people with pre-existing respiratory issues, says Dr. Kenneth Chapman, [...]

Herbal Supplements You Shouldn’t Try

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Supplement Safety It seems like these products should be harmless. After all, you use herbs all the time when you’re cooking. But some may not be safe, especially if you have certain medical conditions or take some medications. Talk with your doctor before taking any supplements.   St. John’s Wort This popular supplement is often [...]

Is Insomnia Bad for Your Heart?

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The short answer from an interventional cardiologist   Q: I’ve never been a good sleeper. Is insomnia bad for the heart? Should I be worried? A: Studies support the notion that less than seven hours or more than nine hours of sleep are associated with coronary artery disease (CAD). Poor sleep is linked to weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and [...]

Nine more sickened in E. coli outbreak affecting romaine lettuce, CDC says

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Nine more people have been sickened in an E. coli outbreak affecting romaine lettuce, bringing the total to 52 people across 15 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. New Jersey and California have the most cases, each having reported 11 people sickened in the outbreak that began as early as Oct. [...]

Why Do People Mistake Narcissism for High Self-Esteem?

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Why people form such positive first impressions of narcissists The “charismatic air” of narcissists– from their flashy attire, to their self-assured behaviors, to their charming glances, to their witty humor– often makes a big first impression. At the same time, people seem to be really good at accurately perceiving narcissism in others based on minimal information [...]

Why You Need to Get Enough Sleep

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It’s Easier to Learn Can’t focus? It’s hard to do when you haven’t slept. You’ll also have trouble learning new stuff. And when you do, you’ll need some shut-eye to remember it. Doctors call this consolidation — sleep strengthens the links between brain cells that form memories. That’s what makes learning stick. Fewer Accidents Sleepy [...]