Many U.S. school districts unprepared for infectious disease outbreaks

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CDC study finds natural disaster plans lacking Many public school districts are ill-prepared to respond to natural disasters – particularly during an influenza pandemic or another infectious disease outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed school districts across the United States to determine if they had comprehensive plans in place to respond to [...]

Romania reports human West Nile virus death

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In a follow-up on the West Nile virus (WNV) situation in Romania,  the National Center for Communicable Disease Surveillance and Control reported (computer translated) since the start of surveillance on May 2, 2018, 23 meningitis / meningo-encephalitis have been reported due to West Nile virus infection and a death in the case of a 79-year-old patient who had comorbidities. [...]


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Microbes live all around us. They thrive in our guts and propagate on our skin. They also ride the subway. Some microbes can lead to illnesses like stomach bugs that are easily treated, but others are far worse. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are so resilient they can sometimes kill their human hosts. This is why one team of [...]

Next generation pollen monitoring and dissemination

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Abstract Although pollen allergy is the most frequent allergic disease in countries with a western life style (1), knowing “the enemy” i.e. the current pollen exposure, is still a neglected scientific topic. This is remarkable, as pollen levels predict allergy symptoms in allergic individuals (2). In addition, higher pollen exposure results in more allergic sensitizations [...]

Dietary stearic acid regulates mitochondria in vivo in humans

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Abstract Since modern foods are unnaturally enriched in single metabolites, it is important to understand which metabolites are sensed by the human body and which are not. We previously showed that the fatty acid stearic acid (C18:0) signals via a dedicated pathway to regulate mitofusin activity and thereby mitochondrial morphology and function in cell culture. [...]

The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth – The Bacteriophage

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A war has been raging for billions of years, killing trillions every single day, while we don’t even notice. This war involves the single deadliest being on our planet: The Bacteriophage. Created with scientific advice and editing by James Gurney. Source  

Caribbean Warned To Prepare For Possibility Of Severe Outbreak Of Dengue Fever

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While Chikungunya and Zika which swept the region in 2014 and 2016 are not expected back anytime soon, the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) is warning residents to “gear-up for the possibility of a major outbreak of dengue fever in 2018.” It says that’s because the pre-conditions of abundant mosquito vector levels still exist and [...]

Germs of thrones – spontaneous decolonization of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) and Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE) in Western Europe: is this myth or reality?

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Background In France, Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) and Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE) are considered as Extensively Drug-Resistant (XDR) bacteria. Their management requires reinforcement of hospital’s hygiene policies, and currently there is few consistent data concerning the spontaneous decolonization in XDR colonized patients. Our aim is to study the natural history of decolonization of XDR carriers over time [...]

Gastrointestinal Infections Can Be Transmitted to Humans Through Viral Clusters

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Norovirus and rotavirus are dangerous, hard-to-treat viruses that affect millions of individuals each year. These viruses are known to cause widespread outbreaks in various settings due to how contagious they are. While there is a vaccine available against the rotavirus, there is still a need to determine more about how the viruses are spread. It [...]

Comparison of Antibiotic Prescribing in Retail Clinics, Urgent Care Centers, Emergency Departments, and Traditional Ambulatory Care Settings in the United States

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Antibiotic use contributes to antibiotic resistance and is associated with adverse events, including Clostridium difficile infections.1 Antibiotic overuse, especially for viral respiratory infections, is common.2 Only 60% of outpatient antibiotic prescriptions dispensed in the United States are written in traditional ambulatory care settings (hereinafter “medical offices”) and emergency departments (EDs).2 Growing markets, including urgent care centers and retail clinics, may [...]