Nearly Every Brand of Bottled Water Contains Microplastics

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With the Flint lead crisis still fresh in our memories and contaminated tap water detected across the country, bottled water may seem like an appealing alternative. But a recent study of bottled water, conducted by the journalism organization Orb Media, found that almost every major brand of bottled water is contaminated with particles of plastic. The researchers [...]

Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center researchers using big data to predict immunotherapy responses

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In the age of Big Data, cancer researchers are discovering new ways to monitor the effectiveness of immunotherapy treatments. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapydeveloped a new way to use bioinformatics as a gathering tool to determine how a patient’s immune system responds to immunotherapy and recognizes its own tumor. The study [...]

Don’t Let Asthma Stop You From Hitting the Gym

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Getting in shape can pay dividends throughout your life. For people with asthma and allergies, asthma triggers can make the path to a healthy lifestyle more challenging (but just as rewarding). Common asthma triggers such as allergens and smoking are everywhere. Pollutants — both outside and inside the home — can be a problem for people [...]

As microbiome testing firms proliferate, so do questions about their claims

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Microbiome testing companies have become a thing, offering consumers a chance to see a snapshot of the billions of microbes that reside in their bodies. Some promise even more from a swab: personalized advice on how to improve your health. “Take control of your gut bacteria to help with weight management, fitness, skin health and [...]

Long-term effectiveness of one and two doses of a killed, bivalent, whole-cell oral cholera vaccine in Haiti: an extended case-control study

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Summary Background No study of long-term protection following killed oral cholera vaccination has been done outside of the historically cholera-endemic areas of south Asia, or has examined protection after a single-dose vaccination regimen. To address this, we examined the duration of protection of the standard two-dose regimen and an incomplete regimen of one dose up [...]

Sustained US preparedness needed for Ebola and other pan-epidemic threats

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The new Ebola Virus outbreak reported Aug. 1 by the World Health Organization in a conflict-zone in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) near the border with Uganda and Rwanda is the third Ebola outbreak in the DRC in the past 16 months and poses unique as well as urgent challenges. Armed conflict in the region [...]

Scientists Discover The Secret Weapon Of Stomach Viruses

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Researchers have discovered why some stomach bugs hit us so hard — and spread so fast. New research published Wednesday in Cell Host & Microbe found that stomach infections, like norovirus and rotavirus, are more contagious and more potent when the virus particles cluster together. These findings may help treat — and even prevent — these viruses more [...]

The Great War’s greatest killer

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Laura Spinney on the Spanish flu, a pandemic that cut short more than 50 million lives Nurses care for victims of the Spanish Flu in tents at Lawrence, Massachusetts, in 1918 A hundred years ago, at the tail end of the First World War, a deadly new strain of influenza emerged that would infect one [...]

Sweden: Measles case reported in Stockholm

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An adult person has been confirmed positive for measles in Stockholm County, according to a Stockhoms lans lansting release (computer translated).  Sweden/CIA The person arrived at Danderyd Hospital by ambulance on August 2 and was isolated and sampling confirmed measles. The assessment at the present time is that there is no connection to previous measles cases in the county. When [...]